Supporting and enhancing the development of competence in neuroscience nursing

Professional Organisations

This page contains links to neuroscience nursing associations with website from around the world. This provides details of contacts and neuroscience activities internationally, facilitating collaboration with neuroscience peers.

World Federation of Neuroscience Nurses (WFNN)

Founded in 1969, The WFNN initially consisted of nursing organizations representing five member countries. Today, there are 16 member organizations representing approximately 5,000 nurses from five continents.

The World Federation of Neuroscience Nurses (WFNN) is an international neuroscience nursing organization dedicated to the promotion and development of neuroscience nursing throughout the world. 
2013 marks the 40th anniversary of the WFNN Congress since it was first held in 1973 in Japan. The Congress will again be held in Japan in this milestone year for further information click on the following link

European Association of Neuroscience Nurses (EANN)

The mission of the European Association of Neuroscience Nurses (EANN) is to enhance and develop the competence of European neuroscience nurses by improving the exchange of information between nurses across Europe. In realising the mission of our Association optimal patient outcomes will be promoted leading to improved standards in patient care throughout the European community

Our vision for the future is that the European Association of Neuroscience Nurses will be easily accessible to every neuroscience nurse in Europe and that knowledgeable, competent and skilled neuroscience nurses will deliver nursing care.

American Association of Neuroscience Nurses (AANN)

Mission - the American Association of Neuroscience Nurses (AANN) is committed to the advancement of neuroscience nursing as a specialty through the development and support of nurses to promote excellence in patient care.

Vision - the American Association of Neuroscience Nurses (AANN), as the leading authority in neuroscience nursing, inspires passion in nurses and creates the future for the specialty.

Canadian Association of Neuroscience Nurses (CANN)

The Canadian Association of Neuroscience Nurses (C.A.N.N.) sets standards of practice and promotes continuing professional education and research. Members collaborate with individuals, families, interdisciplinary teams and communities to prevent illness and to improve health outcomes for people with, or at risk for, neurological disorders.

Association of British Neurologists (ABN)

The aim of the Association of British Neurologists is to improve the health and well-being of people with neurological disorders by advancing the knowledge and practice of neurology in the British Isles.

British Association of Stroke Physicians

British Neuropsychiatry Association

British Neuropsychological Society

British Society of Neuroradiologists

British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine

British Paediatric Neurology Association

Intensive Care Society (ICS)

The Intensive Care Society is the representative body in the UK for intensive care professionals and patients. The Society is dedicated to the delivery of the highest quality of critical care to patients in the UK. We perform many functions for the intensive care community in the UK such as the production of guidelines and standards, stage national meetings, training courses and focus groups. We represent Intensive Care in wide ranging organisations from the Royal Colleges to the Department of Health and other organisations and societies with a stake or interest in intensive care. We are also represented on the Intercollegiate Board for Training in Intensive Care.

National Neuroscience Benchmarking Group

The National Neuroscience Benchmarking Group is a dedicated national group of professionals, both clinical and academic. The groups aim is to produce, implement and monitor Neuroscience Best Practice Guidelines that supports Neurosciences nurses in the development and delivery of practice in order to improve patient services, and the advancement of knowledge and skills in Neurosciences.

The Society of British Neurological Surgeons (SBNS)

The Society of British Neurosurgeons supports the study and advancement of neurosurgery. This is achieved through the scientific meetings of the Society, through publications arising from deliberations about aspects of neurosurgical practice and delivery of neurosurgical services, through fostering professional relationships amongst neurosurgeons and through the engagement with the public and other bodies involved in the provision of care to patients requiring neurosurgery.

The Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM)

The SCCM is the body that represents medical healthcare providers in critical care in the United States of America. This comprehensive web resource lists training opportunities, research and guidelines for professionals.

United  Kingdom Multiple Sclerosis Specialist Nurse Association (UKMSSNA) 

The professional membership organisation for Clinical Nurse Specialists in multiple sclerosis and for other health and social care professionals with an interest in the care of people with MS in the United Kingdom. We support and provide education and information to health and social care professionals who care for people with MS and currently have a membership of around 230.

The Society was founded in 1971 at Manchester Royal Infirmary as the British Society of Neurosurgical Nurses (BSNN). ┬áThe Society changed its name to the British Association of Neuroscience Nurses (BANN) in 1998. Our Equality & Diversity statement »