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Conference Abstracts

An abstract (or outline) of your paper, poster or workshop must be submitted in advance of the conference. Submission of an abstract does not automatically imply acceptance for presentation. The conference organizers will notify individuals.
BANN members who present a paper must submit a full copy for publication by the Association.

Abstracts/full texts should be submitted electronically via e mail to the President or BANN conference organizer. Alternatively the abstract can be submitted via the post on  a disc.

Publication in Headlines does not affect your right to submit a copy for publication elsewhere, provided that you obtain permission from the Editor of Headlines. Papers presented by people who are not members of the Association may also be submitted for publication in Headlines.

(A guide to payment for publication in Headlines is available on request.)

If you are interested in presenting, or if you require further advice, please contact the either the BANN President or the conference organiser.

The Society was founded in 1971 at Manchester Royal Infirmary as the British Society of Neurosurgical Nurses (BSNN). In 1974 it became affiliated to the World Federation of Neurosurgical Nurses (now known as Neuroscience Nurses).

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