Supporting and enhancing the development of competence in neuroscience nursing

Honorary Membership

K Snape - Manchester Royal Infirmary
Lucy Hughes - North Staffs & The Walton Centre
Barbara Nixon - Maudsley & Midland Centre for Neurosurgery & Neurology
Joyce HaskellWeston General Edinburgh
Gloria Sayers - Preston
Ann Major - Hull
Bettine Hobday - Oldchurch Romford London
Enid Ramsden - Hull
Margaret Clarke
Phyllis Holt
Andrea Hunt
Margo Miller
Pat Cooksley - Derriford Plymouth
Eleaner Jackson - Frenchay Bristol
Ann Douglas - Weston General Edinburgh
Elizabeth Preston President - Weston General Edinburgh
Judith Withers - John Radcliffe Oxford
Lesley Pemberton Vice President - Preston
Kate McArdle WFNN Representative - John Radcliffe Oxford
Mr A McCoy  - Manchester Royal Infirmary
Rose Ronicle - Frenchay Bristol
Kerry Humble - Weston General Edinburgh
Ainsley McGibbon  - Weston General Edinburgh
Annie Murdoch - Belfast

The Society was founded in 1971 at Manchester Royal Infirmary as the British Society of Neurosurgical Nurses (BSNN). ┬áThe Society changed its name to the British Association of Neuroscience Nurses (BANN) in 1998. Our Equality & Diversity statement »