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Your abstract for the 2022 BANN Conference

Abstracts – instructions for submission

  • Abstracts may be submitted online
  • Limited to 250 words
  • Abstracts must be submitted in advance of the
    conference and before the announced deadline
  • After you have submitted your abstract, you will receive confirmation via e mail that your abstract has been received.

Abstract submission rules

  • Abstracts should be original and must be submitted and presented in English
  • Abstracts should be submitted in word format that reflects a neuroscience topic and outlines the purpose of the presentation
  • Biography of the author(s) must be included in the abstract submission
  • Presenting authors of abstracts must be registered participants
  • The presenting author is required to inform all co-authors of the content of the abstract before submission
  • All submitted abstracts will be forwarded to the scientific committee for review
  • Notifications regarding status will be sent once the review process is complete

Type of presentations include:

Oral Presentation

  • an oral presentation of material, it is strongly recommended that you use Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT)
  • 25 minutes presentation
  • five minutes for discussion.

Poster Presentation  

  • a visual display of material to be exhibited throughout the conference
  • with the opportunity for a five -minute presentation of your poster 


  • an interactive session of 60-90 minutes duration where the leader works with the participants to develop their knowledge and understanding of a topic

There will be a prize awarded to both the highest scoring Oral Presentation and the highest scoring Poster Presentation.

Ethical Considerations

These relate to all aspects of presentation:

  • never use people’s real names unless you have their permission to do so; this is particularly important when using a case study approach; always maintain confidentiality
  • if using X-rays, scans, charts, etc., as visual aids remember to delete names from them
  • if you refer to the work/research of someone else, acknowledge your sources; ensure that you have permission to divulge information if necessary
  • it is the individual presenter’s responsibility to ensure that copyright is not infringed in any presentation
  • the BANN does not necessarily endorse the views of individuals expressed in presentations at conference

By submitting an abstract, you agree to the following

  • Your presentation will be made available electronically to BANN no later than one week prior to the conference
  • Your presentation will be made available by BANN to delegates and members through the BANN website conference area (in protected PDF format)
  • Presentations will be Microsoft PowerPoint compatible, presented from Windows Operating System
  • You will register for the conference for at least the day of your presentation

Submitting an abstract

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